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    Jul, 2016

    Accepting Manuscript Submissions

    By admin|At 1:05 PM

    Novels: Accepting hard science fiction, dystopian, legal thriller/romance (completed and finished manuscripts). No zombie manuscripts please.

    Nonfiction: Legal procedural

    Versus Publishing Submission Guidelines

    If you would like us to consider your work, please submit a completed and edited manuscript along with a brief proposal discussing the goals of your project, a summary, a chapter outline, bio, and proposed market.

    Your proposal should include:

    • A cover letter giving a short description of the project and what materials are included in the package.
    • A proposal, which includes an outline, introduction, art list, and sample text/chapters.
    • Sample illustrations or photographs (duplicates, not originals).
    • A market analysis of the potential readership for your book, including a comparison to similar books.
    • Author biography and credentials.

    If you do not know what do put into a book proposal, do some research. Google “book proposal for publisher.”

    We have no preference between emailed submissions and physical paper. Email your finished manuscript and proposal to “books” with the at symbol “versuspublishing.com.” Send them in PDF format. No other formats will be opened.

    Hard-copy submissions to the attention of the Editorial Department at:

    Versus Publishing
    401 East Tenth Avenue, Suite 400
    Eugene, Oregon, 97401

    Please include your your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address on the manuscript. Manuscripts will be shredded and not returned if rejected. Each manuscript we receive is individually reviewed, by one or two editors. The time frame is schedule dependent. Feel free to send follow-up emails but do not be discouraged or concerned if they are not returned right away. It is our goal to personally follow up with a rejection email and not to leave you hanging.


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