PAPERBACK EDITION “Finishing Machine” by Mike Arnold, Emilia Gardner

PAPERBACK EDITION “Finishing Machine” by Mike Arnold, Emilia Gardner

Published: 12 Mar, 2017

A Marine Sniper, Blackwater Merc, UFC Vet...Accused of Murder - Gerald Strebendt & His Attorneys Fight for His Life

PRINT EDITION Finishing Machine is the true-crime book about UFC and Marine Sniper Veteran Gerald Strebendt’s fight for his life. One fight was on a dark road side. And the other fight was in the courtroom and in the court of public opinion.

Finishing Machine is the story of a roadside shooting that gripped Eugene-Springfield and shocked the national mixed martial arts community when Gerald Strebendt was charged with murder for shooting an unarmed man in the face and claiming self-defense.

His attorneys Mike Arnold and Emilia Gardner give a behind the scenes account in this courtroom “true crime” thriller.

A portion of proceeds go to Gerald Strebendt to assist with his post-prison transition. Gerald intends to return to training the jujitsu community and to fight again professionally in 2017.

#FinishingMachine – find out what really happened