Pocket Art of War – Sun Tzu –

Pocket Art of War – Sun Tzu –


Authors: Sun Tzu, Mike Arnold
Genre: Law
Published: 13 Aug, 2016

(Unabridged, Unannotated) (Pocket Classics) (Volume 2)

The perfect size for keeping this strategy manual right in your pocket.

Afterword:  The Pocket Art of War was created for the strategic-minded among us, just as Master Sun’s masterpiece was intended. I have noticed that many trial lawyers, businessmen, politicians, and other leaders are often great at tactics but bad at strategy. The Art of War and other military strategy treatises are wonderful ways to hone the mind to think strategically rather than purely tactically.

A given tactic for business, for instance, may be readily used by your competitors. Don’t use it just because the conventional wisdom says it’s a good tactic. First, make sure it doesn’t conflict with your overall strategic goals. In other words, don’t wield a sword simply because it looks impressive when a death by a thousand papercuts is the better strategic choice.

This book, along with a basic understanding of history’s best and worst strategic battles, will give you plenty of lessons to apply to real life scenarios. As they say: those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. But those that don’t know strategy are simply doomed. Know them both and succeed in life’s challenges. by Mike Arnold, Eugene, Oregon, August 6, 2016