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    Free “Finishing Machine” download (Part 1 only)

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    Dec, 2016

    Free "Finishing Machine" download (Part 1 only)

    By admin|At 4:40 PM


    Download the first chapters of Mike Arnold and Emilia Gardner’s new book, Finishing Machine, as a free sample. Other free e-book links provided as well.

    The full-length book is also available on Amazon.com.

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    Table of Contents

    Prologue: Predator or Prey?
    Chapter 1: A Potential Case?
    Chapter 2: A Meeting, a Handshake, a Client
    Chapter 3: Getting to Work
    Chapter 4: The Weight of Responsibility
    Chapter 5: Managing the Media
    Chapter 6: Studying the Scene
    Chapter 7: Telling Tales and Testing Truth
    Chapter 8: Should Gerald Tell his Story?
    Chapter 9: A New Kind of Deployment
    Chapter 10: Discovery and the “Parade of Horribles”
    Chapter 11: A Concrete Box
    Chapter 12: The Beginning of Gerald Strebendt
    Chapter 13: Who was David Crofut?
    Chapter 14: Re-examining the Evidence from the Scene
    Chapter 15: Corpus Perplexus
    Chapter 16: Identifying Key Issues
    Chapter 17: Muzzled Justice
    Chapter 18: Bad News, Great News
    Chapter 19: Another Bail Request and Some Unexpected Publicity
    Chapter 20: The Making of the Finishing Machine
    Chapter 21: Another Murder Case for Gerald
    Chapter 22: The Nature of Fear
    Chapter 23: Assessing the Threat on a Dark Country Road
    Chapter 24: Inside the Mind of the Shooter
    Chapter 25: “Nothing Deadlier than a Marine and His Rifle.”
    Chapter 26: Character and Destiny
    Chapter 27: Things that Keep You Up at Night
    Chapter 28: The Reenactment
    Chapter 29: A Meeting with Gerald in Jail
    Chapter 30: How Did Gerald Get Here?
    Chapter 31: The Focus Group
    Chapter 32: Gerald’s Letters
    Chapter 33: Bad Acts Hearing
    Chapter 34: “Go Time” – Arguing Against the “Bad Acts” Evidence
    Chapter 35: Google Your Witnesses
    Chapter 36: Golden Bridges
    Chapter 37: Getting to Guilty
    Chapter 38: Perception Is Reality
    Chapter 39: Reckoning and Redemption
    Epilogue – New Fights, New Opponents
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