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    Goodreads True Crime Review: “Hats off to Mike Arnold”

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    Dec, 2016

    Goodreads True Crime Review: "Hats off to Mike Arnold"

    By admin|At 8:10 AM

    Charlie Defreese

    This is an absolutely amazing book. It’s very thought provoking and gives an inside view of how true justice is just a fantasy. It exposes how politically driven our justice system is and how people are guilty until proven innocent…or not even given the chance to prove their innocence.
    This book also serves as a reminder of how everyday decisions have a cumulative effect on our lives.
    A must read for anyone exercising their Second Amendment right to bear arms and the legal ramifications or using deadly force to protect themselves, whether truly justified or not.
    Hats off to Mike Arnold, Emilia Gardner and everyone at Arnold Law. I’d never really expected an attorney to be so fully vested in a client.



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