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    New True Crime Goodreads Review: “experience of the lawyers”

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    Dec, 2016

    New True Crime Goodreads Review: "experience of the lawyers"

    By admin|At 8:10 AM

    Dec 18, 2016 Emily Webb rated it it was amazing
    What I found so fascinating about this book is the perspective from which it’s written. I am in Australia and it’s not that often you get to read books from the experience of the lawyers. In this case the book is written by the defence lawyers for a man – a former marine sniper and MMA fighter – called Gerald Strebendt who shot a man dead during a road rage incident. It’s not in dispute that Strebendt shot his victim. This book details the processes that went into what eventually happened for …more
    Mike Arnold Thanks for the comments. It’s interesting what different people take away from the book. It was an interesting journey for sure. P
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